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The app generates a personal discount for your driving style.
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StickerRide searches for the best insurance policy deals and lets you save on it.

Compare offers from different companies and go to the their page to buy policy. All discounts will be already included to the final price!

We help to find best prices in market
StickerRide App learned to understand your driving manner to score it to assess your risks.
Use the app in Drive mode and pass 200 km.
Algorithm will evaluate your score during that time and will generate your discount.
Apply for mandatory and protection motor insurances
You can apply instantly without passing 200km.
Мы не продаем полисы,
а помогаем найти самые дешевые.
Neat driving
means more discount
Smooth turns and braking increase your score, try not to be distracted by the phone too often!
the best price
We will process your request and send you the best offers. You just have to choose the company you trust.
Мы не продаем полисы,
а помогаем найти самые дешевые.
Через некоторое время
вы получите предложения.
Вам останется выбирать компанию, которой
вы доверяете.
Be careful on the road :)
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